Women's Cell

International Women’s day celebration March 8th 2020

Morning Session:Inaugural function

The formal function was inaugurated by the esteemed chief guest Mrs. Vidyavati Raosaheb Janawade, President of Kannada Parishat, Nippani, Dr. K. B. Jagadeeshgouda Principal VSM’s SRKIT, Prof. Vidya Umadi WDC coordinator, Prof. Govind M. R. WDC coordinator sharp at 11.00am in the morning by watering the plant.

(From left to Right. Prof. Vidya Umadi, (WDC Coordinator) Smt. Vidyavati R. Janawade, (President of Kannada Parishat, Nippani), Dr. K. B. Jagadeeshgouda, (Principal VSM’s SRKIT, Nipani) Prof. Govind M. R. (WDC, Gents faculty coordinator)).

Followed by this the dignitaries were offered bouquets as a token of welcome.

Dr. K. B. Jagadeeshgouda, Principal VSM’s SRKIT, Nipani shared his views on the place of women in the society and also said that woman is no less than a man in every field. She has excelled to heights breaking all the barriers. Finally sir concluded wishing all the very best to the students for their future.

Followed by this Miss. Shweta Wadkar 4th semester ECE shared her view on “Woman then and now”. She emphasized on the various roles of a woman in our life as a kind hearted mother, caring sister, supporting friend, loving wife and many more. Her words gave Goosebumps to all the audience.

Further Chief guest Mrs. Vidyavati Raosaheb Janawade, President of Kannada Parishat, Nippani, took over the podium and motivated the student crowd that a woman not only holds the ability to face the toughest situation but also can achieve success over that situation. She also said: “As a student your first and foremost responsibility is to concentrate on your studies so that you will be able to stand on your own feet, lead an independent life and also make your parents feel proud.

Madam concluded her speech by singing a mesmerizing janpad song dedicated to all our students.

Followed by this was prize distribution by the dignitaries to all the winners of the above mentioned events.

Further, the dignitaries presented a token of gratitude and appreciation to the chief guest.

The event was concluded by Mrs. Girija Amate who acknowledged the function.

Followed by this there was short break during which the staff and students enjoyed the refreshments.

Session-2: Informal function

Soon after the refreshments the students and the staff coordinators began the cultural events.

Students voluntarily participated by performing dance, Mimicry, singing and finally the session ended with a click portraying the theme of Women's Day 2020: "Each for Equal"